Sylvie Pujol Révélatrice des potentiels des lieux et des personnes

Who I am ?

Fascinated by life, human beings, and different cultures around the world,

it is through photography that I began my journey,

which led me to this day. 

Beyond esthetics, I experienced deep moments of connections though my lens.

Through this process I started to meet people, go places, have connections,

which fed me intensively,

& brought me to the question of « existence » ?

Opening me then to an another way of meeting always more extraordinary people

& experiences, bringing me each an answer, a piece of the riddle… 

In 2014, I laid my camera aside, decided to re arrange a part of my property

into holiday cottages.

« ROSES et ARC en CIEL » was born,

expanding my vision that this place becomes a place of sharing, well being,

care and ressourcements.

Sylvie PUJOL

13, rue du Colonel Carrière,
31410  Mauzac

06 71 44 37 74