Symbolic Medecine

As a disease or illness, everything as a meaning, a sense of existence,

 it is up to each to uncover what is happening to him or her, within as well as outside of ourselves,

to go toward more harmony, more life, more consciousness.

Houses, places where we live, just like our physical body, express symptoms,

which are a symbolic mirror of our unconscious problems.

As surprising as it may sound, we makes places speak...  

Or rather we make accessible the language of a place.

 The Soul of a house, is the mirror of the Soul of man ...

It reflects problems, challenges, and intimate questionings of his occupants, it reflects the hidden

and unconscious memoirs, it also reflect the lives, and suggest the ways to take in order to heal.

Discovering what your place is saying, is in fact what your Soul wants you to know !

Beyond geobiology or feng shui, this revolutionary technique will inevitably

make you change your outlook on where you live...

(member of the syndicate of partitioners of the Symbolic Medicine, Gilles et Rose Gandy)



- Housing environment harmonization

We mean by this all housing environment, or others spaces occupied by humans or animals.

This also involve places for private use or professional.

Duration :  3 hrs. maximum 

Cost : 150€ + travel expenses.


- Aura care

The human aura forms a bubble from 3 to 5 meter around a person.  

It's size is very significant of the health of the individual.

But most of all, the holes which can be detected are very significant of the unconscious concerns that are "ripe" !

Duration : 1hr.30

Coût 65€


- Energetic well-being Sacred space.

This type of care is to recharge yourself in energy, to take care of self, to revitalise or to relax depending of your need.

Duration : 30 à 45 mn.

Coût 45€


- Sacred space care.

Because we are Sacred, this deep treatment, places you physically in the center of this space that only belong to you.

Durée : 1hr.30

Coût 65€



- Family lineages care ( starting june 2018)