Drum Medecine

My quest led me through diverse countries.

 I was fortunate to share the lives of the Hopis, Zunis, Cochitis pueblo,

as well as the Mayas, and Incas.

I learned directly from them, mostly by listening, and observations.

My Shamanic path is simple, and down to earth.

There is nothing magical about it.

There is just to feel, to observe, take in all that we see, all that we hear,

or whatever is happening in or around us.

Everything has a meaning, the best exemple is Mother Earth herself.

She show us every second, mouvement, miracles, different cycles of life.

This is what the drum transmit, and it  is what he shares through me on a individual care,

or in healing circle.



- Care with the Ceremonial Drum

The Shamanic treatments that I propose agissent on the physical level, mental and emotional level, it the sound of the Drum that guide the treatment, and sometimes the sound of my voice is used, which bring you in your sacred space, which bring you peace, relaxe you, and re harmonize your repeated challenges, which blocks the normal flow of life.

This quest/work is a trail of grounding.

You will receive or you will open up to new consciouness that you will ground into the Mother Earth, by a physical action.

This is how changes occurs...

Cost : 65€