Sylvie Pujol Révélatrice des potentiels des lieux et des personnes

Sound Massage

Allowing yourself to take the time to deeply relax, let go of your mental, just let yourself be.

Become one with the sounds of the tibetans bowls & other instruments.

Their sounds will bring you into your center, to transmute your blockages,

the cristalisations that your body created, in order to flush them out.

To renew to new creations in your life, live in the present moment, celebrate life,

become the Creator that you are and dare to be !

This is what I propose during my sounds massage.

Sound massage.

duration 1h30

Cost : 70€

Anchor care.

This care is shorter than the sound massage, it take place with a magnificent 13kg tibetan bowl, along with other bowls. This anchor treatments unable to do a very deep cleansing of the emotional and physical body.

Duration : 45mins.

Cost : 45€

Sylvie PUJOL

13, rue du Colonel Carrière,
31410  Mauzac

07 83 60 61 19


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