Sylvie Pujol Révélatrice des potentiels des lieux et des personnes



Who Renaître par la Joie ?

Renaître par la Joie was born from a collaboration with Choeur de Gong, having deep aspirations to learn and to go ever further in the world of sonotherapy; life has brought me to other desires, other intuitions and feelings. For me the Sound        is One of the first elements created, it is the bearer of well-being, reconnection to oneself, generator of visions, messages  and various healings whether it be on the soul level, the emotional, the mental, or the physical body…

My vision and practice of a gong bath has always been focused on the well-being of participants, and integration, which is the essential reason for my work. My passion has always driven me to find the best in this field. Choeur de Gong inspired         this vision, by organizing workshops by bringing teachers from France and international :                                                Thierry Jardinier, Roberta Bottari (Italy), Christof Bernhard (Italy).

Today, a new page opens, Renaître par la Joie, wants to go further in the discovery, making the Gong radiate, and other instruments of sonotherapy,  through multiple feelings:

– Create the desire to make better gong baths for your participants.

– Offer a platform of qualified and world-renowned teachers.

– Give magic gong baths with different themes !

– Evolve in other universes, concerts, events, collaborations. 

 Inviting you to Resonate with us !

Sylvie PUJOL

13, rue du Colonel Carrière,
31410  Mauzac

07 83 60 61 19


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