Sylvie Pujol Révélatrice des potentiels des lieux et des personnes

Habitat harmonization and workplace

Like illness, everything has a meaning and it is up to each one

to decipher what is going on, both inward and outward.

In order to move toward’s more harmony, more life and more consciousness.

The inhabitant is an extension of our physical body,

it expresses systoms that are a symbolic mirror of our unconsciousness.

As surprising as it may seem, we are making the houses, places talk ;

or rather we make accessible the language of a place.

The spirit of a house is the mirror of man’s soul…

It reflect the problems and intimate questions of it’s occupants,

it reflect the hidden and unconscious memories, it also reflect the lives

and suggested avenues to our healing.

Finding out what your house tells you, is actually finding out

what your soul tells you…

Beyond geobiology or fend shui, this revolutionary technique

will inevitably change your outlook on your place of life.

Housing, professional and farming environment harmonization
We mean by this all housing or pro. environment, or other spaces occupied by humans or animals.Duration : 3hrs.Cost : 350€ + travel expenses. 


Harmonization care on your pet
Or other
(physical or behavioral problem) the care is done at home.

Cost: 90 € + travel expenses (over 15km)

Sylvie PUJOL

13, rue du Colonel Carrière,
31410  Mauzac

07 83 60 61 19


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